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Cindy's interview With Me

Posted by UniquelyHis on November 5, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Cindy Koepp, who is a friend and also a member in a group I am in called Where Writers and Authors Meet on Facebook has set up some interview questions for me, Her website is http/ Right here at Webs  This interview is one of the interviews where group members of Where Writers and Authors Meet do a blog hop where we go to our victim's website and generate questions from what we read and post the questions on our wall. There they take the questions and write them at their website withtheir answers.   Here are the questions Cindy Koepp asked me.

1. Marge is a romance about a cynical woman reuniting with her lover. What about this book makes this book unique among romances

How many romance nocels you know have a salvation message in it? I have never read any romance novel where the Heroine gets saved towards the end. She  was tricked to take  part in a two years transformation program where the transformer also happens to be in love with her but at the same time, her Italian lover of years past is working for him. I would say it is unusual annd yet they don't know it until later. Also botrh gets saved about the same time.:)

2. In one of your blog articles, you describe some of the ways Marge is like you. What are some significant differences between you and Marge?

 I have never been married or divorced and I never am cynical. In the beginning of my novel, she had no hope and so she doesn’t try to be attractive. I have hope. I believe there is someone out there for me and I always try to be my best.

3. On your web page, you mention that you'd like to teach. What types of things would you like to teach? What holds you back from realizing that goal?

 I would love to teach Kindergarten. I got my first experience working in a kindergarten class when I was taking a class called Child Care Aide in high school. At that time I just wanted to be a teacher’s aide until the door began closing on that and God wanted me to become a teacher instead. I went back to college again to get my B.A. degree in liberal studies but I hit some roadblocks. One was finance and the other my inability to pass the essay portion on the teacher’s test called CBEST(California Basic Educational Skills Test).

4. What inspires you to write?

 It is not a what but a who-God.

5. On your web page, you mention that your current work in progress is called Past Hunter. The title sounds like this will be a major departure from Marge. What can you tell us about Past Hunter?

 LOL. Yes, it will be more Christian themed. Past Hunter is about a woman who left Montana because she thought her boyfriend was a murderer. For the past 6 years of her life, he has been hunting her down, trying to confront her but why she left. He doesn’t realize that she has become a new person and wants nothing to do with her old life.

6. If you had to pick one book in your genre to hold up as the perfect example of the genre, which book would you pick? Why did you settle on that one?

 I read a book by Jennifer Johnson called for Better or for Worse and I say it is perfect for me because I am trying to aspire to write Christian Romance. I like Romance stories that is so much x-rated. It is like you can tell a good joke without cussing. A romance doesn’t have to be steamy to be good and For Better or Worse is an example of non steamy romance.

7. Everyone seems to have a unique copy of The Rules, which dictate what constitutes Good Writing. What are some of your Rules? What, in your eyes, separates an excellent story from a mediocre one?

 Rules? You got me there. I am just a novice. I guess I learn as I go. One I guess would be to keep from using profanity although if a character uses it, I allow it but not often.

8. In my own writing, very often the original draft of a story doesn't have much in common with the final version. How close is Marge to the original draft?

 It is almost identical. The original draft was written on pen and paper and I have either lost it or thrown away but I can remember most everything that happened in the original that I can reproduce it in the final draft.

9. Where would you take your dream vacation? Why did you pick there?

 I love the mountains and the beach because they are God’s creations.

10. Because I simply must have a weird question in here, which of the Muppets are you most like? Why?

 LOL I can’t answer that because its been so long since I have watched the Muppets.

Well, I answered the questions the best I could now it is time for Talina to answer hers. You can find her answers at Here are her questions:

1. When you were 13, what kind of things were you writing? Ie: poetry, short stories, essays. Did you get any support from family?

2 How do you find time writing since you have a family to take care of?

3What got you interested in poetry? Who is your favorite poet?

4 What keeps you going when setback comes? You mentioned in your blog you have a hard time getting a book signing going.

5 Who or what inspires you to write children''s fiction?

6 Your Author bio at states your passion is poetry and romance. Is there any Romance novels or stories in the works?

7 You are taking a sabbatical. Can you tell us what works in progress you have going?

8You obviously love children, Have you thought about teaching?

9 If you could meet any TV chef in America, who would it be and why?

10 You waited 24 years to be a published author. What held you back?


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