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Nano 2013 and much more

Posted by UniquelyHis on November 21, 2013 at 6:15 PM

In 2011, Marge was born. I was so excited about my first book being published but my joy ended when I found that there were number of mistakes in my book that made it unprofessional looking. Even my aunt had to tell me ina  review--Marge never took off.

A year later I got my rights back and I rewrote Marge, calling it a Second Chance At Love. It began my pride and joy again. I felt redeemed and I finally have  a new and improved story writing to be sold and downloaded. The problem is it never did. Very few people bought it or download and worst of all, my author friends critized my book. They didn't like my writing styles and asked a lot of questions as if there were too many problems, one including the POV. As a result I decided once again I would revise the book and make it better. But who am I rewriting it for? Are they my readers?  Why write it if they won't read it? I just don't get it! The majority of the people who have read it, had no problems with my POVs.

I have decided to take my one friend's advice when I told her about it: "Write another!" So I did and although I didn't plan to sign up for nanowrimo(Which is a challenge to write 50k words in the month of November), I began writing another version called "Contract For Love" It will be tailored according to what my author friends preferences. The downside, it is not the same as the original. It has been completely restructured. :(
Here is the good news: As I was writing in my story, a thought came to me: What if Carter, her former lover was a Christian? What if he was he one who helped Marge become a better person and not Don? Of course, I will let Don try to do his best. THey wont find out about each other until much later in the story! I am so excited about this idea! Sometime next year I will begin revamping it.

Also in the news: Almost a month agoI met the most wonderful man who has touched me heart and cause me to soar like I never have and after a few weeks of corresponding he  asked me the one question (Well one of many questions) I have been waiting to hear: Will you be my girlfriend?"
Mark and I have been through a lot in our individual lives and going in this together is a new experience for the both of us. Not only that but we will be doing it God's way and wait on hsi timing in everything! Yes, my heart is soaring! He is dreaming of Montana with me, and willing to give up everything (except his faith of course which I don't want him to give up) just so he can be with me and move to Montana with me.
 Here is a video which will be the theme for my revamp:

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