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The World of Ruthie Madison--Author

This is my book trailer to my first book. I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to my website!

On the left, is my first book which has been rewritten and edited. Due to readers telling me that there still needs to be more work to be done, it is in process of being looked at. A second Chance at Love was previously named Marge; but after not being happy with my publisher, I paid to have my rights returned and my book published through

I am a spirit filled born again Chrisian who loves to write.  I have been writing since I was very young but not for publication.  For fun, I wrote children's stories, and a lot of stories based on my experiences  or how I feel. IN 2011, I shared with a friend , one of my stories that I rewrote and now I
 am published author.  My main goal in life is to teach but as for now I write romance.     



What is New With Me:

November 3, 2012
Book signing at the Hanford Library
November 9, 2012
Past Hunter released for Kindle

Past  HUnter Available in book form

Curently working on:

Nano project: The Butterfly and the Cocoon

November 29, 2012

Finished the 50k word count of Butterfly and the Coccoon

June 6, 2013

The Past Hunter Revised


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